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O.M.A.R. GROUP has obtained the quality certification ISO 9001 and the qualification certificate SOA OS14, an additional guarantee for all the customers that choose the professional competence and the efficiency of O.M.A.R.

O.M.A.R. is a company able to guarantee the global quality of the production and of the offered services, thanks to the precision in the realization of the requests of each customers, to the employment of qualified materials, to the respect of the rules of the sector and to the company organization.

Thanks to the proven ability, O.M.A.R. GROUP is able to plan and realize solutions that satisfy the needs of the rules in force, perfectly combining production and reduction of the pollution, without forget the importance of the productivity of the customer.

To download and visualize our certificate IS0 9001, click the following link.

Download the file of the certification »


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