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Business Units

O.M.A.R. Group has a full range of services designed around the life cycle of the plant and therefore they include: single analysis of the needs, custom-made planning, highly qualified production and assembly of first quality.

All this is guarantee from our internal Business Units.

  • Systems of Autocad and Inventor for the plants' planning with automated system for the production lines.
  • System of PDM for the management, planning and production of the order.
  • Expert and dynamic group of engineers, highly cooperative for the quotations and sales areas.
  • Very high Know-how in the solution of the planning problems.
  • More than 50 operators involved in the production processes.
  • Management of the production orders automated with advanced management systems.
  • Warehouse area for the finished products and spare parts.
  • Internal technical staff for the assembly and task force for the assistance.
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